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Off Road Electric Bicycle, 2013 New 48V 1000W Electric Bike with 48V 20AH Li-Po Battery, with F/R Disc Brake.


Off Road Electric Bicycle, 2013 Latest 48V 1000W Electric Bike with F/R Disc Brake, with Adjustable and Locable Front Suspension, with 4-link suspension Seatpost

This is the newest and coolest style Ebike with much more powerful Motor 48V 1000W

Products Details:

1. 48V 1000W Rear Motor Electric Bike, White Dragon, 2013 newest Model with Aluminium Alloy Frame

2. Front adjustable and lockable suspension, 4-link suspension seatpost

3. 48V 20Ah Li-Po battery in Aluminium Case, lockable. including  BMS, 4A Aluminium Case fast charger(Charging time is about 5 hours)  

4. With 17" Aluminium Alloy Frame, Front and Rear 26*1.95 Double Wall Wheels with 12g Strong Spokes

5. Front and Rear Disc Brake

6. Front and Rear Shimano Deraulleur

7. Front 3-speed, Rear 6-Speed Gear

9. LCD Control Panel with 5-speed PAS Level (you can set any speed limit through LCD control panel)

10. Speed Limit Switch (OFF: Full Speed; ON: 60% Speed)

11. Twist Throttle with Power Switch Key and Power Gauge

12. Top Speed: about 55-60km/hour (34-37mph) under flat road without wind.

13. E-Bike Net Weight: 30.2kgs with Battery (24.2kgs without battery)

14. Gross Weight with Carton: 34kgs

15. Gross Weight with Carton and Wooden Box: 51kgs 

16. Wooden Box Size: 154x87x33cm

Warning: Please take care of your local Ebike laws, we only supply it! Before you ride it, please wear helmet and all necessary safety ware to avoid injury, please control speed not too fast during riding.


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Enhanced wooden box package, suitable for international delivery:


Care and Maintenance of Your Electric Bicycle

Fortunately, care and maintenance of your electric bike is really no different than for any other bicycle.

There is, however, a greater onus to keep the bike in good order. Anything that slows the bike down (like dirt in the gears or deflated tires) forces the battery to work harder. This shortens the time between charges and means you can travel less distance on a single charge.

Here are some tips:

  • the motorized components should usually not need maintenance, other than to keep the outer casings clean and dry
  • electrical components don't take kindly to immersion in water or excessive damp, so...
    • Don't use aggressive water sprays or power jets when washing the bike: keep water off the battery as much as you can
    • Dry off the bike after washing it, or after riding in the wet
    • Don't leave the bike out in the rain or snow: store it somewhere dry and out of direct sunlight (which can cause problems if the battery overheats)
  • keep tires properly inflated
  • keep brake cords tight and check the brake pads regularly for wear and tear
  • ensure the bike's moving parts (especially the gears) are kept clean and well lubricated
  • don't open up casings, chargers etc. as you are unlikely to be able to reseal them effectively, making them more susceptible to water damage
  • take care of the battery as you would any other battery (see the battery page for more details)

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